Guided Meditation Event - Reiki for Self-Healing

Please join me Tuesday, August 6th at 7:00pm for a guided meditation using Reiki energy for self-healing!

Oftentimes in the chaos around us we may forget, or choose to neglect, giving love and care to ourselves. Reiki energy can support coming back to our centers, relieve feelings of stress, release stuck energy, and restore balance.

Rediscovered in Japan, Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique now widely used as a holistic healing modality. The practice of Reiki concentrates Source (God, Prana, Qi, etc.) energy to our energetic and physical bodies, enabling us to work with subtle energy to create relief from both physical and emotional pain.

The ability to heal ourselves lies uniquely within each of us and Reiki can be a beautiful compliment to your practice. Please join us as we explore the benefits of Reiki and participate in a hands-on, self-healing chakra balancing mediation.

The location is at Essential Space Classroom Suite B2, 1509 Seabright Avenue, Suite B2 · Santa Cruz and additional information can be found on the MeetUp page at